On demand: webinar Antibiotic Reduction

09-11-2023 | |
On demand: webinar Antibiotic Reduction

On October 19, All About Feed hosted a webinar with focus on Antibiotic Reduction. The recorded webinar is now available.

In this webinar themed “Antibiotic Reduction,” 3 experts will explore various ways in which livestock can be helped so they manage to grow healthily without the usage of antibiotics.

Re-watch the webinar here

Speakers and topics

  • Alain RIGGI, DVM Global poultry manager at Phileo
    Title of the presentation: Solutions for better results with less antibiotics
  • Virginie Blanvillain Rivera, PhD Global Services Manager at AB Vista
    Title of the presentation: Making sense of gut health markers in monogastrics
  • Anne Huting, PhD Researcher Swine Nutrition at Schothorst Feed Research
    Title of the presentation: How can we rear pigs with long tails without increasing antibiotic use

Re-watch the webinar here

Marieke Ploegmakers Editor: All About Feed