Small ruminants about to profit from yeast

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Small ruminants about to profit from yeast

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has released a positive opinion on the extension of use of ruminant specific yeast Levucell® SC (Levucell® SC 20 and Levucell®SC 10ME) for dairy goats and ewes.

Efficacy studies showed that, at the recommended dose,
the additive lead to an increase in milk yield of 12% in goats and 11% in ewes,
without affecting milk quality. Levucell SC is already authorized in Europe
without time limit in dairy cows and cattle for fattening (N° CE E1711).

Tolerance studies, using 20 times and 30 times the
maximum recommended dose for dairy goat and ewes, respectively, show the
additive safety for both target species. Safety for human and the environment
have already been demonstrated in the initial authorization dossier for bovine
species. Given this safety profile and the amount of knowledge on the modes of
action in the rumen of Levucell SC, EFSA experts consider it unlikely that
Levucell SC extension of use would introduce new potential hazards to users,
consumers or the wider environment, and released a positive opinion.

announcement follows the recent authorization by the CFIA (Canadian Food
Inspection Agency), of Levucell® SC 10ME (Micro-encapsulated form of Levucell SC
for pellets applications) under Registration number T580450. Levucell SC® was
already approved by the Canadian authorities in 2002.



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