People: Alltech strengthens presence in Asia-Pacific

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People: Alltech strengthens presence in Asia-Pacific
People: Alltech strengthens presence in Asia-Pacific

Global animal health and nutrition company Alltech continues to strengthen its presence in the Asia-Pacific region with new hires and promotions in its sales, marketing, operations and technical teams.


Aman Sayed has been promoted as South Asian general manager responsible for management of India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Sayed holds a master’s degree in veterinary science with more than 14 years of experience in both domestic and international animal health industries. Sayed joined Alltech India in 2005 initially to manage the company’s West India Dairy and Poultry business operations

Serge Corneille has been promoted as regional manager for Japan, Korea and the Philippines. Corneille started working for Alltech Japan in 2009 after several years with Nutreco Japan.

Dr. Kij Soonthorn has been promoted as business development manager for Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Pakistan. Dr. Soonthorn joined Alltech in 2000 as a poultry consultant after working in China for 10 years with CP and Continental Grain. In 2006, he was promoted as national technical manager and was offered the Southeast Asian poultry manager role in 2012.

Dr. Mongkol Kaewsutas has been promoted as regional key accounts manager. Dr. Kaewsutas joined Alltech in 2000 as an Alltech Thailand technical sales manager and was later promoted as country general manager. He has an impressive 18 years of experience in providing animal health and nutritional support to the feedmill and farm sectors throughout Asia.

Jack Zhang has been promoted as China aquaculture sales manager. Zhang previously worked for an international company producing amino acids, and he joined Alltech in 2006 as a technical and sales representative working in the Sichuan Province. Besides his newest promotion as aquaculture sales manager, he continues to manage key accounts in Sichuan.


Loo Chia Chen has been promoted as administration manager for the Asia-Pacific Species Team. After working in the media industry for more than five years, she joined Alltech to help establish the company’s business presence in Malaysia. In 2011, Loo was promoted as general manager for Alltech Malaysia and Singapore, managing day to day business activities.


Alisa Anantvoranich has been promoted as Asia-Pacific Corporate Marketing Manager. She began working for Alltech since 2009, starting as a Marketing Assistant before being promoted to Product Manager and later taking on the role of Southeast Asian Marketing Manager.

ChunKeat Lim has been promoted as Asia-Pacific On-Farm Marketing Manager. In his newest role Lim will be instrumental in managing implementing the company’s on-farm strategy in the Asia-Pacific markets.

Roland Matyasi has been promoted as Asia-Pacific communications manager. He joined Alltech in 2003 as marketing manager for Alltech Hungary. After taking different regional roles, he was appointed as East Asian marketing manager in 2010 and relocated to Beijing. He was later promoted as marketing manager for Asia-Pacific until 2013 when he took this new role. Matyasi will relocate to Bangkok, Thailand from January 2014 to work in the Alltech’s regional marketing center.


Zachary Purdom has been promoted as Asia-Pacific Operations Manager. Beginning as an Operations Trainee in 2010, Purdom has worked in all the various departments of Operations from production to logistics.  In addition to working his way through the management program, he also was heavily involved in the start-up of Alltech Algae, which included a hands on role in Alltech’s first production run the new facility.  In his new role, Purdom will head the Asia Pacific Operations team, overseeing our current and future Manufacturing and Distribution throughout the region.

Ravindra Neralla has been promoted as Asia-Pacific project manager, operations, and will focus on special projects and initiatives across the Asian region in the areas of acquisitions, manufacturing investments and product strategies. Neralla has been with Alltech for 10 years and has been instrumental in the start up of the company’s first production operations in India and subsequently moved to Mexico to run and expand Alltech’s state of art solid state fermentation plant. In 2009, as regional operations manager, he moved to Beijing to setup the operations for Alltech’s organic trace mineral and coating facility in Tianjin, China.

Welcoming the new hires to the Asia-Pacific team, Alltech’s Asia-Pacific Regional Director Matthew Smith said, “Each person has a proven record and professional expertise in their areas. These promotions will well-support Alltech’s growth strategy in the Asia-Pacific region and our commitment to be more relevant to our customers and to the industry as a whole by providing natural, efficient, profitable and sustainable solutions.”

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