All About Feed’s editor on the challenges of Covid-19

08-04-2020 | |
Marieke Ploegmakers Editor: All About Feed
All About Feed's editor on the challenges of Covid-19
All About Feed's editor on the challenges of Covid-19

The global outbreak of COVID-19 is having an major impact on our daily lives, creating uncertain times. At Misset we are taking appropriate measures to ensure safety. Communication and staying informed is now even more important. At Misset we are therefore dedicated to continue to inform you.

We have decided to publish number 3 edition of All About Feed as a digital magazine only. To access our unique content for free is just a click away. The magazine can be opened by registering or by logging-in with your existing All About Feed website username and password.

Digital Magazine
All About Feed Vol 28 No. 3 is now available to view online for free

It is inevitable that the feed industry will experience the consequences of restrictions taken to limit the spread of Covid-19. In some countries the feed industry has not been given ‘essential status’, forcing manufacturers to close. There will also be challenges in terms of logistics and reducing access to animal feed. The coming months will be challenging and uncertain, so it is even more important to keep in touch. All About Feed will keep you updated via allaboutfeed.net and our digital magazine.

Covid-19 Up-date
What impact is the pandemic having on the global animal feed sector and how are they dealing with it.

In this new edition you can read all about yeast as a microbial for calves, antibiotic-free production, genome editing and the effects of herbal extracts on combating Newcastle disease.

Stay safe and healthy and I hope we can e-meet soon.

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