December issue of AllAboutFeed now online

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December issue of AllAboutFeed now online

The December issue of AllAboutFeed is now available online. This issue again has a great variety of articles on different aspects within the animal feed sector. From piglet feed intake tips and tricks to the latest insights in methane reduction in dairy cattle. You can read it all in this issue.

For years, the feed industry addressed the need to make sure piglets have a high feed intake before they are weaned. This will lead to a healthy transition of the weaning period, feed experts say. And the facts are there. Wageningen University in the Netherlands showed a few years ago that a high feed intake before weaning indeed leads to a healthier gut system. In this issue we delve deeper into how feed intake in piglets can be stimulated.

Highlights World Nutrition Forum

The World Nutrition Forum, organised by Biomin last November, generated a wealth of valuable information. The large number of speakers delved into the latest nutrition insights for ruminants, monogastrics and fish. In this issue, we highlight two presentations; one about the relationship of methane emissions and feed efficiency in dairy cows and one about fish feed optimisation. “Diet formulation is very important but can also be complicated as today’s aquaculture farms many species. Knowing the nutritional requirements and raw material quality are pivotal in formulating cost-effective and sustainable fish diets”, Dominique Bureau explains in his aquaculture article on page 30.

Interview with new CEO of Novus

We also talked to François Fraudeau, the new CEO of international feed additives company Novus International.  He aims to encourage and challenge his employees and hopes to achieve 10% market share by 2020. In his interview with AllAboutFeed he explains that he foresees further growth in the rapidly growing markets in China, where Novus has been active for the past twelve years, as well as India, where the company first opened an office five years ago.

Focus on gut health

In the article, supplied by Selko Feed Additives, we look at steering microbiota to support immunity. “A stable balance in the intestines of animals is a prerequisite for an optimum health and production. Certain feed additives (medium chain fatty acids) can steer the microbiota and hence boost the immunity”, according to the authors. DuPont looked at a similar issue in their article on page 28 of this issue. In this article, the relationship between probiotics and enzymes is explained in further detail and how this combination can benefit gut health of chickens.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor