Eriez add Bullet Magnets to ProGrade range

28-05-2010 | |
Eriez add Bullet Magnets to ProGrade range

Following the successful launch of their competitively priced ProGrade Grate Magnets earlier this year, Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd announces the growth of the range with the addition of Bullet Magnets.

 Eriez Permanent Rare Earth Bullet Magnets offer an efficient method of recovering metal contamination when conveying dry, free flowing materials in pipelines.  

The product enters the housing of the Bullet Magnet and is distributed evenly over the magnetic poles by a solid steel cone. Any iron contamination is attracted to and held by the Magnet until it is removed from the flow by opening the door and manually cleaning it.
Providing protection of downline equipment, the Bullet Magnet is ideal for use in any processing application where by the product is dry and free flowing.
They are of stainless steel construction with a glass bead surface finish and can be installed in any gravity fed application.
The new Bullet Magnets are available in standard sizes immediately from stock. Eriez are able to offer them at very competitive prices whilst maintaining a high quality finish.
For prices or more information on the ProGrade range go to the Eriez website or send an email.


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