Focus on lowland farming yields multiple benefits in Liberia

31-08-2010 | |

The fertile lowlands that cover one-fifth of Liberia are part of a European Union and FAO-supported plan to cut the nation’s dependence on rice imports and improve the livelihood of vulnerable farmer families.

The Liberian government has prioritized the rehabilitation of swamps, especially those with damaged or abandoned rice fields, noting that lowland farms have the potential to yield up to 80-90 percent more rice than upland ones.

A 2,000-hectare swamp and irrigation rehabilitation project is now funded by the European Union Food Facility (EUFF), the EU’s massive response to high food prices in developing countries.

The EUFF is channeling €4.5 million through FAO to Liberia as part of its two-year, €1 billion effort to help developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America move towards long-term food security.

In Liberia, the EUFF is part of a multi-faceted initiative by the government and the UN Joint Programme for Food Security and Nutrition which aims to provide emergency assistance to food-insecure households while also building the capacity of Liberians to improve their livelihoods.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor
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