Jamaica sees high feed price increase

05-08-2008 | |

The cost of feeds produced by high-tech feed mills in Jamaica has been increasing dramatically over the last two years due to the sharp rise in cost of the raw materials.

Corn is a major ingredient in feed processing, and
more recently ethanol production which is a source of biodegradable fuel. The
current high price of oil, as well as its environmental implications, has driven
the need for e production of a cheaper and more environmentally friendly source
of energy. Ethanol production is seen as a possible solution to this fuel

These universal factors have inevitably and significantly
affected the Jamaican economy with rising inflation. As a result, commercial
farmers are complaining about the high price of animal feeds. Poultry producers,
among others, have suffered loss of income. One solution could be that
Government subsidises the cost of animal feeds for local farmers, thereby
ensuring not only food security, but also food safety.

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