New issue of All About Feed now online

23-10-2015 | |
New issue of All About Feed now online
New issue of All About Feed now online

The October edition of All About Feed magazine has been published online. In this issue, you can read about alpha-monolaurin as a powerful feed additive, organic selenium, the importance of a healthy rumen and much more.

In the article from Olga Dansen from FRAmelco, she explains how MCFAs can be a valuable tool for antibiotic replacement. “Since the awareness regarding the risk of antibiotic resistance is increasing, farmers have been seeking for replacement of antibiotics. Medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) are widely implemented nowadays, because of their beneficial effects on general health and performance. However, according to scientific research, the alpha-monoglycerides of these MCFAs are much more powerful in antibacterial effect”, she explains. Read the full story on page 28.

L-selenomethionine in feed

Selenium is a key nutrient in animal nutrition and is crucial for an optimal antioxidant status and immune function. The supplemented selenium can be either in an organic or an inorganic form. “Organic selenium has an important benefit compared to inorganic selenium due to the fact that selenomethionine, the effective organic part in organic selenium, is utilised by the body as an amino acid (in the same way as methionine) and is built into animal protein tissue” Marc Rovers from Orffa explains in the article on page 8 of this issue. In his article he further explains why organic selenium in the form of L-selenomethionine is preferable.

Importance of healthy rumen

The rumen is the most influential site of digestion and microbial fermentation provides much of the energy needed to maintain body condition, pregnancy and lactation. Therefore, the goals of feeding should be to maintain the rumen environment and supply sufficient nutrients to the rumen microbes. This is particularly crucial given the drive for not only optimal milk production but optimal production efficiency. An efficient and healthy rumen plays a key role in the life of an efficient cow and stabilising rumen pH and maintaining anaerobic conditions are critical to this objective.  Hellen Warren from Alltech explains more in her article on page 31 of this issue.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor