Ontario to help grain and oilseed growers

24-08-2007 | |

After more than two years of negotiations, Ontario’s grain and oilseed producers got a commitment from Premier Dalton McGuinty to help them deal with global pressures and low prices for their products.

The new risk-management program will help about 25,000 grain and oilseed
producers in a time when energy prices and unfair foreign subsidies are having a
crippling effect on profits, McGuinty said during a visit to farm country in
eastern Ontario.

The farmers will pay a premium to ensure they get
government help and are not bankrupted in years when commodity prices are low
and profits are unattainable.

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture said
it was thrilled with the news since the new program is exactly what farmers
having been requesting for years.

The Ontario Federation of


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