Towards the 32,500 litre dairy herd: Is more always better?

23-08-2011 | |

How can we feed and manage a 32,500 litre dairy herd? This is tomorrow’s challenge for many dairy farmers around the world. This is the major topic at Alltech’s ruminant solutions seminar in October.

Alltech’s Ruminant Solutions Seminar, ‘Pushing the boundaries: performance vs. profit’, will take place on the 13th and 14th of October 2011, in Alltech’s European Headquarters, Ireland, where this key issue will be discussed by experts across a number of fields.
“A holistic approach to assessing and improving efficiency needs to be taken. This includes steps towards realising the genetic potential of the herd with optimised nutrient utilisation, as well as securing the future of the herd with good calf management,” said Sylvie Andrieu, Alltech’s Technical Manager for Ruminants and also chairing the seminar.
“It’s about optimal nutrition, not simply increased production as we move towards feeding 9 billion people.”
Physiological limits
“Everybody talks about improving efficiency, be it through production, finance or the environment. But what are the real physiological limits?” asks Marc Larousse, Alltech’s Vice President Europe.
“At Alltech’s Ruminant Solutions Seminar we will address this crucial question and discuss the latest in solutions for the ruminant industry.”
A panel of renowned industry experts will present their views and participate in question and answer sessions on the following topics:
  • The old good times of dairy production: Myths or reality? – Dr. Judith Capper, Department of Animal Sciences, Washington State University, USA
  • Nitrogen efficiency: Where are the limits? – Dr. Virginia Ishler, Penn State University, USA
  • Practically pushing nitrogen efficiency boundaries in dairy herds. – Dr. Paolo Colturato, Team Paragon Consultancy, Italy
  • Udder health management in practice: A multi-factorial approach – Dr. Sarne De Vliegher, Veterinarian, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Accelerated calf programme and the impact on herd performance. – Dr. Simon Timmermans, Horizon Beef, Iowa, USA
  • A little can go a long way – Improving mineral efficiency – Dr. Helen Warren, Solutions Deployment Team, Alltech Europe
Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed