Yeast Special now online

10-04-2013 | |
Yeast Special now online

The magic of yeast in animal production has fascinated nutritionists and livestock producers alike. And quite rightly so, as yeast as a feed additive can provide much-wanted traits needed in modern animal production.

AllAboutFeed’s Yeast Special takes its readers on a journey of discovery. How did yeast become accepted? After all, wasn’t it just a by-product from other industries? Prof John Wallace of Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health at University of Aberdeen, UK, describes the yeast’s ability to take up oxygen, the very trick behind the benefit.

Another article written by researchers at Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Science at Aberystwyth University, UK explains the modes of action of live yeast products for cattle, horses, pigs and companion animals, which all differ among species.

Contributors from various leading companies in the industry tell about the mode of action and benefits of their respective solutions – and zoom in on consequences and benefits for several animal species.

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