2022 forecast: 2.7% drop in EU wheat production

17-12-2021 | |
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

The European grain trade organisation Coceral estimates the production of common wheat in the 27 EU Member States in 2022 at 125.4 million tons. The forecast is 2.7% lower than the harvest taken from the country in 2021.

Soft wheat

Grain trade organisation Coceral has published its first forecast of grain yields in 2022. As far as soft wheat is concerned, the trade is counting on a comparable area to last year. Yields per hectare are estimated to be 2.5% lower for next year than in the previous year.

Record revenues in Romania and Bulgaria

This lower yield forecast is mainly due to the fact that record yields were realised in Romania and Bulgaria last season. Under normal circumstances, hectare yields in these countries will be a quarter to a fifth lower, according to Coceral.

For wheat in Romania, Coceral expects a yield of 3.8 tons per hectare, compared to an average of 5.2 tons per hectare last year. In Bulgaria, a yield of 5 tons per hectare is expected, while 6.3 tons of an acre were threshed last year.

France and Germany

The 2 largest wheat producers in the EU, France and Germany, each show a different picture, according to the grain trade. In France, Coceral expects production to fall by 2.2% to 34.5 million tons. In Germany, a production increase of 3% to 22.1 million tons is for the time being foreseen. Based on normal growing conditions, the yield in France will be about 2% lower at 7 tons per hectare, according to Coceral. According to this estimate, at 7.6 tons, Germany will harvest just 2.7% more than last year.