Cocaral lowers EU grain yield; lower corn yield

21-09-2022 | |
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

The harvest forecast for Europe has been revised downwards by the European grain trade organization Coceral.

Compared to the May forecast for the 2022-23 season, the European grain harvest forecast has been reduced in the September report by more than 21 million tons to 264.6 million tons (EU-27).

Lower corn yield

Compared to the previous season, more than 23 million tons less grain was harvested. The decrease is mainly due to a considerably lower maize yield. For this season, it has been set at almost 52 million tons, where more than 70 million tons of maize was harvested in the 2021-22 season.

France, Spain, Romania and Hungary harvest significantly less than the previous season. Part of the lower yield can be explained by the fact that 17,600 hectares less maize was sown this season. But the maize has suffered greatly from the warm and dry weather of recent months in Europe, because in the May forecast it was still assumed that 66 million tons of maize would be harvested.

Production of soft wheat

The production of common wheat is also lower in the EU-27 countries. In the previous May forecast, the production of common wheat was estimated at 127.4 million tons. This was set at 125.6 million tons in the September publication.

Barley remains stable

For barley, the balance remains fairly stable with a production of almost 52 million tons in 2022. The summer barley harvest is almost 2 million tons higher than last season with 23.7 million tons.

Annet Smale Editor Feed Markets