All About Feed No.2, 2013 now online in a new design!

The second edition of All About Feed this year features Global feed survey, a consolidation of official feed tonnage reports by country and an extensive field assessment in 134 countries worldwide, gathered by Alltech exclusively for AllAboutFeed.

Sustainability is highlighted in this issue with a case study of UFA, Switzerland’s leading animal feed producer, with its energy efficiency achievements and on-going implementations in its feed mills.

Anti-nutritional factors in feed are amongst the most discussed topics for young animal feeds. Reduction of anti-nutritional factors in (pre)starter feed for both chicks and piglets is presented by Hamlet Protein, showing several feeding test results of yeast-containing soya protein concentrates versus normal soya protein concentrates.

The online version contains extra features that were not possible in print and it is all available at the simple click of the mouse. Check it out...


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