News last update:6 Aug 2012

Delacon's Fresta F first phytogenic feed additive approved by EFSA

Phytogenic performance enhancer Fresta F, manufactured by Austrian animal nutrition company Delacon, has been approved in the European Union for use in piglet feed.

The brand is the first phytogenic (or plant-derived) product to be approved as a zootechnical additive in the EU, to be used for piglets.
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approval means that the product is efficacious.
A lot of different phytogenic feed additive products have entered the market in recent years, mainly as a consequence of the EU ban on usage of antibiotic growth promoters in 2007.
Delacon speaks of a ‘milestone’, being the first in that phytogenic market to have an EFSA approval.
“It marks the first time a regulatory body has accepted that a phytogenic feed additive delivers safe, effective and proven results.”
In a press release, the company describes the product as ‘a combination of standardised, plant derived substances, developed to improve the performance of piglets’.
The product affects the excretion of digestive juices and enzymes and thus increases the nutrient digestibility.
The EFSA approved the product for use in piglet feed after a safety, quality and efficacy evaluation that lasted about two years.
The product has been in use worldwide for many years.
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