Cargill and Provimi launch brand new feed additive

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Cargill and Provimi launch brand new feed additive
Cargill and Provimi launch brand new feed additive

Cargill and Provimi together have launched a complete product line designed to help animal producers enhance performance, improve animal welfare and better adapt to tomorrow’s consumer

Cargill Animal Nutrition, through its Provimi business, introduced PROMOTE, a new global brand and line of feed additives designed to help bring to animal producers, feed manufacturers and retailers the industry’s most innovative and impactful feed-additive solutions. Feed additives play an increasingly important role in animal nutrition as livestock producers seek new ways to enhance performance, improve feed conversion and address changing consumer demands. PROMOTE is a significant step forward in Cargill Animal Nutrition’s commitment to serve customers as a trusted advisor and source of innovation. Cargill’s Provimi business will globally roll out PROMOTE in the coming months.

“The combination of an expanding emerging-market middle class – which demands more protein-rich diets – along with growing consumer sensitivity toward feed inputs and animal welfare, is putting new pressure on animal producers to boost performance and do so in more sustainable ways,” said Gilles Houdart, marketing director of Additives for Cargill Animal Nutrition. “Our customers’ success is critical to our goal of meeting the nutritional demands of a growing world. PROMOTE is our platform for developing, sourcing, testing and bringing to market highly consistent feed-additive solutions and helping our customers succeed in a fast-growing, highly dynamic market.”

Product Line

  • Benefit categories and specific products included in the PROMOTE line of additives include:
  • Essential-oil and organic acid-based products for monogastrics designed to promote growth and gut health – Biacid, Provimax, Cinergy, Prohacid.
  • The new exclusive poultry performance-enhancing additive, Aloapur, in collaboration with Purac Corbion.
  • Amaferm, the digestibility enhancer for ruminants (offered in Europe, Middle East and South America).
  • Proviox, a natural antioxidant for the animal.
  • Notox, a broad range of products and services dedicated to mycotoxin prevention (not available in the US or Canada).

PROMOTE forage preservatives are offered in selected countries to protect dairy and beef producers’ nutrient investments.

A differentiating aspect of PROMOTE will be Cargill Animal Nutrition’s approach to product development. The brand will focus on bringing to market the most promising additive technologies, whether they are internally developed or sourced from external partners. “We see PROMOTE as a catalyst for accelerating the growth in additives by commercialising best-in-class technologies,” says Houdart. “Our goal is to deliver a product platform that our customers can fully trust.”

PROMOTE benefits from Cargill and Provimi’s respective leadership in animal-nutrition research and feed-additives development, and will help provide customers with greater certainty in product application. “Customers tell us that they want more consistent, more reliable products that they can trust, with strong technical files, either through the premix or directly into the feed,” added Houdart. “Cargill Animal Nutrition’s R&D and nutritional excellence puts us in a unique position to be that trusted partner.”

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